The Taliban banned the forced marriage of women

Taliban leader Molla Hibatullah recently issued a statement on women's rights banning forced marriage.

Taliban leader Molla Hibatullah recently issued a decree on women’s rights. The decree prohibits forced marriage for women and gives the courts jurisdiction over the matter.

The six-point decree, issued today (Friday) by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, states that girls’ consent is necessary for marriage and that no one can force women to marry.

The Taliban also insisted that the woman was free.

In another part of the statement about widows, it is stated that after the death of their husbands, no one can force Zana to marry, and women have the right to choose their own destiny in this regard.

Also, in this decree of the Taliban leader, taking a dowry from the new husband is considered a woman’s religious right and the woman will have the right to inherit in the new laws and no one will be able to deprive women of their right.

Meanwhile, the Taliban leader in the decree instructed the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs to encourage mosque clerics and preachers to inform the public about women’s rights in their sermons and sermons.

The Taliban leader also instructed the Supreme Court and other courts in the country to hear the case of women in marriage as soon as possible.

The Taliban had previously said that women would have the right to education and work within the framework of Islamic law.

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