Ghani’s ambassador to Russia praised Moscow’s stance on the Taliban

The former Afghan ambassador to Russia said in an interview that he welcomed “Russia’s principled position” on the need for the Taliban to abide by its promises to form an inclusive government, as well as to ensure that Afghanistan does not harbor terrorists.

“We appreciate the fact that Russia has made it clear to the Taliban that they must live up to their promises to form an inclusive government,” Syed Tayeb Jawad, the former Afghan ambassador to Russia, told Tass. Make sure that terrorist groups will not have a base in this country.

He added: “I think Russia’s position in this regard is decisive. Russia does not agree with the removal of the Taliban from the UN sanctions list and will not be among the countries that will soon recognize the Taliban. These actions are welcomed.

According to the former Afghan ambassador to Russia, it is necessary to encourage the Taliban to form a government in which all Afghans are present, as well as to stabilize the region.

“The crisis in Afghanistan cannot be resolved by force,” he said. The time has come to stop the bloody conflicts and we must find a peaceful solution. We are witnessing deadly clashes in Afghanistan and a large number of people are being killed every day. It is time to end this situation.

The Ghani government diplomat continued: “If one side insists on imposing its will through the use of weapons, the other side will respond with the same tools.”

On August 15, the Taliban captured Kabul after US and foreign troops withdrew from Afghanistan, and former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

On September 6, 2021, the Taliban declared complete victory and formed an interim government on the seventh of that month, but it has not yet been formally recognized by any country.

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