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        The Taliban

          می 17, 2021

          Sources: Taliban Open to Istanbul Summit But Wants Talks in Doha

          The Taliban has agreed to begin substantive talks with the Republic team in Doha in the coming days, according to…
          می 10, 2021

          Taliban declare three-day Afghan ceasefire for Eid holiday

          Afghan security forces gather around the bodies of Taliban militants in Nangarhar province in February 2021 — the Taliban have…
          آوریل 20, 2021

          Pakistan urges Taliban to stay engaged in Afghan peace process

          Pakistan on Monday urged the Taliban to remain engaged in the Afghan peace process after the armed group said it…
          آوریل 14, 2021

          Biden’s goal: Ending ‘America’s longest war’ in Afghanistan

          United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday framed his planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan around the reason they…
          آوریل 14, 2021

          US intelligence report says Afghan peace deal unlikely

          The prospects for a negotiated settlement to end ongoing hostilities between the Afghan government and the Taliban are dim as…
          آوریل 14, 2021

          Taliban refuse to attend Afghan talks in Turkey if held this week

          The Taliban will not attend a meeting on the Afghan peace process in Turkey if it took place this week,…
          آوریل 11, 2021

          ۹۵ Taliban members killed in several provinces of Afghanistan

          The Afghan Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Saturday: “These people have been killed or wounded in Baghlan,…
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